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Paws a While is a unique online store for pet owners and people wanting to connect to someone special through the animals that special person loves.

We are well known for our comprehensive range of gifts and breed specific memorabilia for pet owners and animal lovers. Paws a While stocks thousands of products and our range for each breed of pet which is unmatched.

After 28 years of trading as a retail store in the Queen Victoria Building, Sydney's landmark building, Paws a While has progressed now to being an online store. We are committed to continuing to be Australia's largest retailer of breed specific memorabilia and renowned amongst pet lovers all over the country for quality, reliability, value for money and a highly unique product range. From 2017, we will be expanding out product range with hundreds of exciting new products. These hundreds of new products will grow into the thousands of new products.


Until now, Paws a While has been a store which attracted people when visiting Sydney. As we have many customers who live outside of Sydney and New South Wales we will be extending our reach online to customers to be able to shop more easily from home and to enjoy a much larger selection of gifts that is possible in a small retail store. With our expanding online presence, our customers from around the world including countries as far afield as China, the USA, Singapore, the UK, India, Sweden and many, many more countries will be able to access to what we do and sell.


At Paws a While, we are committed to providing the best and most unique customer experience possible. We take pleasure in being able to provide that elusive collectible or specialty item that represents a loved animal. Our philosophy is to offer unique and wide range of gifts. Many of our products are exclusive and have been sourced from around the globe. A large portion of the products we sell are not available in other retail stores.

The owners of Paws a While are always looking for new products and providing these to our clients.