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Buy John Beswick at the best online prices from Paws a While. Paws a While sells the complete range of John Beswick animal figurines available in Australia.

John Beswick was established over 100 years ago in the UK. The company became famous for their high gloss glazed porcelain figurines in the 1920's. If you can find one of those early original figurines in mint condition they are worth thousands of dollars. Today, the company still produces a wide variety of animal figurines which are considered by many collectors as the ultimate gift for pet owners and animal lovers. Todays figurines are still hand painted so there are very slight variations between each which are visible if you have a keen eye and study two figurines of a kind close together.

These figurines are elegant pieces. There are:

  • The traditional John Beswick style animal figurines which are great pieces capturing the essence of the animals they portray.
  • The "Spirit Horse" figurines which are considered as being more than just figurines but as "works of art". First released in 2013 these figurines are based on a mould over 100 years old.
  • The Thelwell horse figurines comical fun adaptations from the famous carton books by British Artist Norman Thelwell.

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