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We are a unique store for pet owners and animal lovers

Paws a While is Australia's largest retailer of gifts for pet owners and has Sydney's largest selection of plush toy animals. At Paws a While we are known for our comprehensive range of products sourced from around the globe as well as from Australian suppliers. We have pet and animal breed specific giftware and memorabilia for pet owners and animal lovers. Paws a While stocks thousands of products and we carry items for almost every family of pet or animal.

We have celebrated 25 years in business this year and have had an online store for many years.  Our new website has only been live since 14 November this year and it is already a vast improvement on our old website. With this new website being so new we are still smoothing over a few issues with product listings and are working to have these completed in a matter of days. The site is fully working and we invite you to explore and shop online.

Unique for pet owners and animal lovers

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